Performances & Zest Tasters

​   Last Tango in
San Telmo

​June 2020

Video performance portraying a last tango on the rooftops of Buenos Aires, with a real feel of how tango is part of the city skyline. Dancing to the beautiful tango Tormenta by Carlos Di Sarli. 


Filmed by Genevieve Rivas

Edited by Laurence Yates 

Dancers: Zita van Zanten & Nico Sanchez

​   Plaza Dorrego,
Buenos Aires

​July 2019

Dancing at the most famous market in San Telmo, Buenos Aires with Nico Sanchez, to the music of two of my favorite musicians, Santiago Alvarez and Agustin Luna. It is a reverberation of all the hard work myself and Nico put into practicing, going to classes and privates in the three months I was living in San Telmo. Beautiful memories, filmed by my close friend Flora.

​   Tango Technique - Musicality

​February 2020

Musicality - This little video shows the differences between the mood, speed, style in dancing tango while dancing to Tenia Que Suceder - Di Sarli, followed by Bien Milonga - Pugliese, finally Jueves - D'Arienzo. Also, check out the difference between the rhythmical and the melodic parts.

​   Gippsland Tango Workshop

​February 2020

Our workshop's final performance for the students of Gippsland Tango. Dancing to Cicatrices by Juan D'Arienzo.