​Creating a road together on a musical landscape
Tango connection and joy

Zest for Tango is a combination of  a passion for Argentine Tango, for realizing your body and mind’s ability and of finding connection through movement, music and a shared dream. Zita has danced her whole life. She has danced ballet, modern dance, belly dancing, Hungarian folklore, Zumba and flamenco and found her passion and love for Tango in 2012. In 2019 she spent 3 months in Buenos Aires training and dancing every day and has trained with a variety of teachers to get the best exercises, routines and tips together for the best result at Zest for Tango.

Privates​ for Tango

Privates are a great way to focus on specific areas of interest. Zita can also choose some areas to work on after a dance or two. The emphasis will be on finding your balance, connecting with the music and your partner and overall tango technique. Privates can be virtual or face to face, singles or couples. 

Privates are an hour and are $65, $50 at Kew East studio or $50 on Zoom.

Tango Body Conditioning Lessons    -   Hold your own to dance together as one.
Prepare your body for tango. Classes are designed to focus on strengthening your body for tango, for keeping balance and core activation and improve flexibility and lengthening. Zita has 
worked intensely with local Melbourne Barre and Fitness instructor Gabriella Tudorin to finalize the various routines to make sure they are

appropriate for all levels and are specific for tango. We will focus on

back, arms, core, legs and feet exercises. We will incorporate tango

dance and musicality and go through tango technique together.

Classes are interactive and no partner necessary. 

The classes and privates are all focused on your specific needs. They are fun and focused at the same time and I do not shy away from questions. I aim to explain in great depth so you find a link to why and how the movements relate to a more comfortable you and to the movement itself. I am here to help you find your confidence in your dancing and build up a strong core to hold your own axes in the embrace. I spend months in Buenos Aires training with the best teachers, and practicing with my dance partners. I have developed a great eye for what needs to be worked on, and how we could achieve a happier tango you. Musicality, connection and the embrace are three other areas I like to focus my attention on, as with these you will be able to develop more creatively.

The best methods from famous Argentine tango teachers like Corina de la Rosa, Sabrina&Ruben Veliz, Ariel Yanovsky, Gisela Vidal, Diego Braude, Alexandra Gutty and Corina Herrera are put together to deliver a comprehensive class. The classes are fun, musical and adjusted to all levels and abilities.


Want to get a group together and work on your dance moves? Get in contact with us and we will work on a program together!


Our milongas are organised by Zest for Tango and friends. We love getting together, enjoy some nice food and dance to the sweet tunes of DJ ZiRo. We support life music whenever we can. Contact us if you would like to get involved. Please refer to our class schedule for upcoming events. 


We will be happy to perform for you on your private or public event. Contact us to arrange a time to discuss.

Message us on zestfordance@hotmail.com for all enquiries. 


“My husband and I were lucky to be able to get few sessions of Tango lessons with Zita. She is wonderful. Her experience in teaching yoga, and understanding of body movements, paired with her deep understanding of music and passion for Tango, make her an exceptional teacher.”

Katy & Mo

El Beso dancing with Ezequiel