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Welcome to the Zest for Dance family!! Come and join us for some serious fun with movement and music. Your place for Zumba, Zumba Kids, Argentine Tango, Tango Travel to Argentina.


A little about Zita, dance teacher, performer and Zest for Dance family member. Zita began her dancing life as young as 3 years old, starting with classical ballet, modern dance and Hungarian folklore. She has not stopped ever since she put on those dancing shoes in the local hall. She has studied many varied styles since, including flamenco, belly dancing, Zumba and Argentine tango. Zita has been part of several productions and performances including the leading role as Juliet in the Netherlands, flamenco performance in Paris and accompanied her favorite musicians with a tango performance on PLaza Dorrego Square in Buenos Aires. Zita has spend a three month sabbatical in 2019 in Argentina where she trained as a tango dancer and teacher. She found her passion for Latin dance there, where she was also introduced to Zumba. 


Zita started teaching in Melbourne, Australia a few years ago and loves every single minute! She was teaching 5 days a week for Kindy Dance Time, and continued on with Zumba Kids classes and incursions to schools. Her Argentine Tango classes and Zumba Adult classes are both virtual and in her studio in Kew East &several other locations in Victoria. 

Come and join the Zest Family!

'I learn a lot from you Zita - its like you understand the science of training our bodies for Tango ! '

Tango Student